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Join our USA Farmers Day Roadshow!

Do you want to learn more about the latest in Ag-tech for your farm? Join us at an event near you for our Farmer’s Day roadshow, where we will be hosting a barbecue and informative talk on how to improve yield, efficiency and profitability using drone imagery & artificial intelligence. Event is absolutely FREE!

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6 Farmers day events

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14 Days

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Nationwide Roadshow



Aerobotics is an Ag-tech startup focused on providing tree crop protection to farmers through early problem detection and alerts. Our Aeroview platform combines weekly satellite data, drone imagery and scout information to track farm performance on a per-tree basis, allowing farmers to take a data-driven approach when optimising the health of their farm.

Our software uses machine learning to identify early stage problems, automatically detect pests and diseases, and guide farmers to these locations.


The farming industry is changing – and for the better.

In recent years, tech innovations have made production more efficient. With precision agriculture, farmers and soils work better, not harder.

Growers are able to manage large fields as if they are a group of small fields. This reduces the use of products and saves time and money.

Precision agriculture can be used to apply nutrients, water, seed and other inputs to grow more crops in a wide range of soil environments.

There is a lot of technology being used in modern agriculture, like global positioning systems (GPS), aerial imagery, electromagnetic soil mapping and more.

As a company that offers world-leading software for early-stage pest and disease detection, we should know.

7th June - wenatchee, Washington

13th June - Bakersfield, California

10th June - Petaluma/sonoma/napa California

14th June - paso robles, California

12th June - Fresno, California

20th June - sebring, Florida