Introducing The USA AeroCon Roadshow!

Calling all aspiring and certified drone pilots for a one-stop-shop experience from Aerobotics' highly anticipated Agri-tech Drone event, Aerocon!

We're looking to on-board as many licensed and certified drone partners around the USA. You fly. We pay.

Interested in more? Join us for a fun-filled morning on what it takes to become a pilot for Aerobotics, understanding the legal requirements, flying with a MSP camera and learning more about our business in the Tree Crop space.

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6 Aerocon events

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14 Days

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Nationwide Roadshow


Join us on our mission to save Growers time and money with our end-to-end farm management solution.  

By processing data from drone imagery, we are able to discover and analyse problems, pests and diseases affecting trees or vines on farms. This way, Growers can see exactly where there is a problem on their farms and tackle it head on – instead of applying preventative chemicals and laboriously assessing their crops.

But we can’t do it without licensed drone pilots.

Are you interested in becoming part of a network of accredited drone pilots? Join us at one (or more!) of our AeroCon events and find out everything you need to know about getting accredited and working for Aerobotics, as well as applying this skill to multiple industries like mining, construction, surveillance and security.  You fly. We Pay.

We’re with you every step of the way.  

We have a drone operations team that’s dedicated to helping our pilots with compliance, job scheduling, training sessions, manuals and more.

8th June - seattle, Washington

13th June - Bakersfield, California

9th June - san francisco, California

15th June - Los angeles, California

12th June - Fresno, California

22nd June - orlando, Florida