Aerobotics Precision Package

 Precision Aeroview Scouting App and Software

Farmers across the world are using our web-based software, Aeroview, and our in-field mobile scouting app, Aeroview Scout, to manage their orchards and detect early stage problems.


Fly your own drone


 DJI Phantom Drone

Become a pilot

High resolution drone data powers up Aeroview to provide you with the detail you need for precision agriculture.

Buy a drone and take photos of your farm on demand and upload the images to Aeroview for us to process.


 Aeroview Scout App for mobile devices

DJI Flight Planner App

If you're flying your own drone, you'll need to download our DJI Flight Planner App.

We've developed an easy-to-use mission planning app that integrates with Aeroview and works with all DJI drones.