South African startup uses AI to help farmers

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"South African startup, Aerobotics, recently announced that they successfully closed its Series A funding round with a raise of approximately $2 million. The data analytics company uses aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to optimise crop performance for farmers around the world through its cloud-based web application, Aeroview. In 2017 the company introduced Aeroview Scout, a mobile app that gives farmers a bird’s eye view of their orchards.” Read the full article →

SA drone startup Aerobotics launches bid to take on US market


During a presentation to farmers on Aerobotics’ Aeroview management tool that uses drones, Burdock pointed out that the startup is trying to scale as quick as possible, to take advantage of the fact that the startup has few serious competitors at present. Explained Paterson to Ventureburn: “We’ve been expanding quite nicely into South Africa, but there’s a huge market sitting in the US, obviously and then after that also into South America and Europe”. Read the full article here →

#TechFriday Feature: Technology transforms doing business


Aerobotics, an aerial data-analytics company that is changing the way farmers manage their crops. The company uses drones and satellite analytics to help keep farms healthy. “Technology in agriculture has evolved over the years, allowing us to change the way farming works. We started with mechanical tools to plant on some parts of land and can now, through the digital era, use data and technology to gain insights to farm a lot more efficiently, instead of having to spend money on input.”Read the full article here →

Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Blockchain Technology Can Improve Agriculture


“With the rapid pace of growth of the use of drones, automated tractors, artificial intelligence, robotics and block chains, agriculture as we know it today will change. It is more likely that the future farmers will be sitting in their homes with computer applications using drone to determine the size of their farms, monitor and guide the applications of farm inputs, and with driverless combine harvesters bringing in the harvest.” Read the full article →

Aerobotics Launches Their Latest Vineyard Tech

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"Aerobotics has announced that it is now able to serve the 170 000 hectares of vineyards in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The South African agtech company which has built a smart scouting platform to help Farmers identify pests and diseases in the tree crop space early-on over the past 4 years. Farmers are seeing the value in being able to find early-stage problems, with 40 percent of the South African macadamia nut industry (the largest macadamia export market in the world) and 20 percent of the country’s citrus Growers using our software." Read the full article →

How aerial data-analytics can boost farming yields


"South Africa is slowly escaping the clutches of a drought but could big data help mitigate farmers' losses? Cape Town-based startup, Aerobotics, has created an app called Aeroview that interprets imagery from satellites, drones and mobile phones to provide predictive information on crop health. Timothy Willis, CFO and Head of Growth, joins CNBC Africa to discuss the software platform and how the company is scaling across the world." Read the full press release →

The Importance of Pest and Disease Scouting


"Crop scouting is a crucial step in pest and disease management which allows farm managers to quanitfy the pressure of pests and diseases within a field. Aerobotics has set a goal to make scouting simple and efficient for farmers through the launch of a new scouting app, Aeroview Scout."

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‘The Future of Farming’ – Why Aerobotics is One of SA’s Most Exciting Tech Startups Right Now


"Aerobotics is a Cape Town-based aerial data-analytics company that is changing how farmers manage their crops, and in turn, the future of farming.
SME speaks to CEO, James Paterson, and CTO, Benjamin Meltzer, who both co-founded the company, about how technology is changing the way farming is done.

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Big data drives more finance to African agribusiness


"As the agri sector evolves, it continues to attract much attention from technology entrepreneurs keen on developing new big data platforms and solutions. Aerobotics is one such company.
The company has developed a platform that identifies the data using drone and satellite imagery and then diagnoses it."

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This drone startup helps farmers beat disease and drought


"African countries together spend $35 billion each year importing food. Now, Cape Town startup, Aerobotics, is trying to cut that bill by developing smart drones to help farmers boost their harvests. Their mission is to provide bird's eye surveillance for farmers, with the aim of reducing costs and the promise of increasing yields by up to 10%."

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Google accelerator focuses on emerging markets


"Technology conglomerate Google has chosen 24 startups from developing markets around the world to participate in a two-week boot camp to take their busines to the global stage.
During the intensive two weeks at Google's offices, startups are exposed to expert professionals and mentors in the tech and business space, as well as take part in workshops on machine learning and artificial intelligence." Aerobotics is the only South African startup to be chosen.

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Aerobotics Case Study


"The Aerobotics case provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities associated with starting a drone data company in an emerging market. In particular, the case follows the journey of the Aerobotics founders as they design and develop a drone platform that helps farmers better tend to their crops."

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Aerobotics app helps farmers grow healthy orchards


"Satellite and drone analytics company, Aerobotics, has introduced Aeroview Scout, a mobile app that gives farmers a bird's eye view of their orchards, to help them grow healthy trees and save water.
This mobile app is used with Aeroview, the company's data analytics platform, which has users in SA, Australia, Malawi, Zimbaber and the UK."

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Google Launchpad accelerator selects African startups


"Google has announced the startups from Nigeria and South Africa which have been selected to take part in the 5th class of the Google Launchpad accelerator. Aerobotics, which helps farmers optimise their yields and reduce their costs through its aerial data analytics platform, was the only South African startup to be selected, among others from Bangladesh, Thailand, Poland, Russia and Brazil."

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African startups selected for Google Launchpad accelerator


"Startups from Nigeria and South Africa have been selected to take part in the fifth class of the Google Launchpad Accelerator (LPA), a six-month, equity-free mentorship programme.
Disrupt Africa reported that in February 2018, Google was expanding the LPA to Africa, and Aerobotics was the only South African startup to be chosen."

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Aerobotics one of three African startups selected for Launchpad Accelerator


"Cape Town-based aerial data analytics platform Aerobotics has been seleted alongside two Nigerian startups to join the fifth class of Google's Launchpad Accelerator next year.
A total of 24 startups from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America have been selected to take part."

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World Bank launches digital acceleration programme in Africa


"Through the World Bank's new digital acceleration programme, the continent's top 20 start-ups will get a chance to showcase their business models, with an opportunity to land some funding." ENCA speaks to Andrew Burdock, Aerobotics Chief of Operations, about Aerobotics and funding programmes for startups in an African context.

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#InnovationMonth: Aerobotics, RanMarine teams up on river water management in #cocreate2Accelerate


"After a successful programme in 2016, #cocreate2Accelerate returns in 2017 for another round of building relationships between high-potential young companies from the Netherlands and South Africa.
We catch up with Aerobotics, an attention grabbing South African statup and aerial data analytics specialist, to find out more about what they do and their participation in the #cocreate2Accelerate programme."

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