Scouting with Aeroview

First you'll have to plan a scout on Aeroview from your laptop/PC/tablet, and then you'll take this data into the field with the Aeroview Scout App on your mobile device.

  • Go to the Aeroview dashboard where you’ll find your scout planner and click the plus sign to add a new mission
  • Select the field from which you want to start your scout, and click on the exact point you'll start walking from. Then, click the nearest weak point on the field
  • Plot the rest of the points on the map that are under stress, and a route will created, connecting these points
  • Give the scout a name and then save it

Download the Aeroview Scout app on your mobile phone and log in to your Aeroview account with the same credentials. The scouts that you've created will show up on your mobile device.

Now it's time to take the data into the field.

iphone 6 with scout screenshot copy with padding.png

Download the app for your Android or iOS device