Data Scientist

Who are we?

Aerobotics is a South African Ag-tech company with a smart scouting platform to identify pests and diseases in tree crops.  Aerobotics’ platform combines weekly satellite data, automated drone scouting, and infield scouting data to identify and track every tree on the farm. Aerobotics then uses machine learning to automatically detect pest and disease problems, and finally alerts the farmer to those locations to ground-truth the data and diagnose the specific problems. By bringing farmer validation into the loop, Aerobotics gets smarter all the time, which benefits all the farmers on the platform.  The company’s web-based software platform is called, Aeroview.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an individual that loves finding structure in messy data, applying different data science techniques to solve business problems. An individual that is passionate about using data to provide simple, meaningful insights - combining domain expertise and cutting-edge algorithms in building a scalable solution.

Daily duties:

  • Data Exploration: Build understandings of the available data through visualisation and statistical analyses

  • Data Cleaning: Devise methods to clean the data for effective modelling

  • Data Science: Assess different architectures/approaches to tackle the problem at hand, through a data-driven approach involving fast iterations on training and testing

  • Data Science Deployment: Deploy models into production, continually monitoring performance and taking action where necessary

Experience required:

  • Experience in either computer vision field or predictive modelling for things like pricing/risk assessment

Qualifications required:

BSc Engineering/Applied Maths/Acc Sci

Msc Statistics/Machine Learning/Data Science (preferable)