Beat The Competitive Macadamia Market With Drone Data

Mastering macadamia management: a tough nut to crack


It’s no secret that macadamia nuts are fast becoming SA’s leading crop. Yielding R374 000 per hectare, macadamia nuts are especially lucrative, and in the currently competitive market, superior crop management is essential. To safeguard your investment, Aerobotics offers high-resolution drone imagery and cutting-edge algorithms to make sure that your crops maintain their quality and value.

One of the benefits of drone data is the ability to closely monitor macadamia growth during flower initiation, as well as during the flowering and root growth phase. With the main months of flowering and root growth just a month away, this period of growth is critical for nut development. In addition, it’s an important time to nip disease outbreaks in the bud, and manage them in the correct time frame.

Stress during this process could result in poor nut quality, premature nut drop, as well as lower yields, making it vitally important that your crop is monitored with a close eye throughout this period. The additional pair of eyes on crops provided by drones could provide the insights needed to produce a world-class crop.

Affected by vegetative growth and stem characteristics, monitoring axillary bud release is just one of the core tasks of managing macadamia production effectively. Planning a pruning programme to ensure the absence of vegetative flush, which has the potential to suppress flowering, ensures that the trees capability to produce nuts is protected. As trees grow tall and develop a strong and full leaf coverage, the sun doesn’t always reach under the canopy, which inhibits nut growth. With drone data, it’s easy to keep an eye on the size and scope of tree coverage and plan pruning programmes efficiently.

It’s often not practical (or possible) to prune every tree on your farm every year. With Aerobotics’ software, you can zone in on the trees which need pruning urgently, and plan to prune the rest the following year. You can also use our scouting app (available on Apple or Android) to plan a pruning mission in the field. Our analytics afford you to monitor each individual tree, allowing you to implement a rotating pruning programme with ease.

A partnership with Aerobotics ensures that you won’t let blossom blight, phytophthora or husk rot get the better of you this season. Use our software to detect diseased trees and get treatments in before the 10% flowering mark. At Aerobotics, we believe that every tree counts in order to protect your crops you need to protect your wealth.

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