Aerobotics teams up with Amsterdam’s Xomnia

Xomnia blog post.jpeg

Amsterdam-based big data company Xomnia joined forces with Aerobotics this July for a mutually beneficial knowledge-sharing experience.

Xomnia partner Pieter Boon spent a few weeks in South Africa, swapping ideas and insights with the Aerobotics team. Aerobotics, which provides cutting-edge data analytics from drone aerial imagery, works in the same Artificial Intelligence and data analytics space as Xomnia. The two companies feature similar skill sets.

Xomnia is currently working on a project to develop a self-driving boat for the canals of Amsterdam — a concept that was presented to the Aerobotics team for input by Applied Research Scientist for Xomnia, Paul van Hagen.

“Working with the Xomnia team has given us a unique opportunity to share our projects, ideas, and innovations with individuals who truly understand what we do, in the context of the big data landscape. It’s also given our team an exciting chance to learn what this exceptional company is working on in the European space,”

- CTO for Aerobotics, Benji Meltzer.

Pieter Boon comments, “Our two businesses are looking forward to building a relationship together and this was a very positive and exciting start. A strong connection between Europe and Africa is highly beneficial and we look forward to being the pioneers in the field from the Artificial Intelligence hubs of Amsterdam and Cape Town.”