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Bentzy Goldman

Business Development Manager

Bentzy grew up in Johannesburg, the last born of 11 children. He moved abroad at the age of 18 to begin his sales and marketing centric career building international experience in Israel, the US and the UK. He covered a diverse range of industries from wine to cosmetics to online gambling. He also managed to squeeze in some time at the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC.

He returned to South Africa in 2016 to pursue entrepreneurial ventures which continue to operate autonomously. The exciting tech startup scene in Cape Town grabbed his attention and he began to build extensive knowledge in the SaaS (software as a service) business model which helped him to grow his business development expertise in the field.

With a passion for startups, automation and a love for the land, Aerobotics was surely the perfect fit for the next step in his technology inspired career. 

Bentzy is excited to contribute to the global growth of Aerobotics, becoming industry leaders in precision agriculture and machine learning.

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