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Benjamin Meltzer

Co-founder and CTO

M.Sc. Neurotechnology, Imperial

Benji grew up with an enthusiasm for design and entrepreneurship. He obtained a BSc in Mechatronics Engineering at UCT in 2011. He then worked as a software engineer and business analyst at the Cyest Corporation in Johannesburg, Chile and Australia.

The work comprised of building software models of businesses and using these to simulate operations and optimise performance in the mining, telecommunications and logistics industries. Next he returned to his passion for engineering and study, and obtained a Msc in Neurotechnology at Imperial College London. His main research areas at Imperial focussed on machine learning and computational neuroscience.

Thereafter he joined Uber for a year, where he worked as an Operations and Logistics Manager for Sub Saharan Africa. Benji has developed niche skills in the mentioned areas and aims to incorporate his analytical, computational and biomedical skill-sets in innovating unique and powerful technology.

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